1 Day 3D Display, Video and Filming: Cinema 4D, Adobe Premiere, After Effects [Use Your SkillsFuture Credit]

Course Code: CRS-N-0044404

Course Overview

This 1-day course is suitable to equip individuals with strong interest in design or 3D display filming. Through this course, you will have a basic understanding of what 3D display is and how it is created.

The course will start off with an introduction to the basic principles of 3D viewing and filming, and then to illustrate the different layout formats for stereoscopic content.

After an overview of the principles, the programme will go hands-on with students applying the stereoscopic to different 3D supported softwares.

By the end of the course, attendees will be expected to know how to create a 3D displayed image and  build/ convert a simple 3d film. This will allow them to be equipped with the industry of 3D Display knowledge.

Skills you learn

  • Basic principles of 3D viewing and filming
  • Apply Composite content in Cinema 4D
  • Apply Composite content in Adobe software

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to fundamental analysis

  • Learn the basic principles of 3D viewing
  • Distinguish the depth cues to help in depth perception, and
  • The effects of the interocular distance and axes of cameras on depth perception
  • Illustrate the different layout formats for stereoscopic content
  • The principles of 3D filming and more definitions related to stereoscopy

Module 2: Creating Anaglyph content and stereo image prepping

  • Create anaglyph content given a stereo pair of images, and
  • Perform depth grading
  • Photoshop

Module 3: Camera rig for stereoscopic content in 3D modeling tools

  • Create a stereo camera rig consisting of two cameras with toed-in (Converging) axes
  • Create stereoscopic content for 3D display using this rig

Module 4: Compositing stereoscopic content in Premiere

  • Compose a stereoscopic content in the Balanced Coloured Red Blue Format, with captions and effects

Module 5: Compositing stereoscopic content in After Effects

  • Composite stereoscopic content in After Effects
  • Create a stereo-camera rig and generate stereoscopic content using the “3D Glasses” feature in After Effects

Course Details

Course Duration: 1 day (10am-5.30pm)

Course Fee: $580 $288

Course Fee  (After $288 skills future credit): $0

Course Code: CRS-N-0044404

Location: Paya Lebar / Macpherson / Email info@surged.co for Corporate training at your office

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Yes, there will be hands-on application in the course. Please bring your laptops.

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