1 Day Breaking The Barriers To Communications In Cross Cultural Business Diversity Using Effective Tools and Techniques [Use Your SkillsFuture Credit]​

Course Code: CRS-N-0044407

Course Overview

Effective communication is becoming an increasing concern in today’s business environment. Poor communication at work has caused an endless waste of time, stress and conflict. The purpose of this workshop is to develop strong communicators who are valuable assets to their organization and personal lives. To fulfill this aim, this program touches on the following aspects:

Your Benefits

  • To identify and introduce what constitutes Effective Communication
  • To assess individual’s own communication style using a Profiling Tool (Lumina Spark)
  • Addressing the needs of situations
  • Developing a stronger adversity quotient
  • Building networking skills
  • To learn the techniques to help maintain equilibrium create constructive solutions through effective communication
  • Mapping out an individual communication plan
  • Understanding the impact of communication skills on organizational effectiveness

Training Methodology:

  1. Interactive session with the Trainer
  2. Mini Lectures and Role Plays by participants to bring out the learning lessons
  3. Demonstration by the Trainer to break down communication barriers
  4. Case Studies Highlighted
  5. The use of a Profiling Tool (Lumina Spark) to assess your communication style
  6. Video Demonstration on Effective Communication Skills and the learning lessons for each participant
  7. Group Project Work
  8. Insights and Reflections on what has been shared and learnt from all participants

Skills you learn

  • Understanding and practicing various communication styles in cross cultural diversity
  • Learning the right type of communication style for the occasion
  • Creating Win-Win situations through effective communication
  • Resolving any conflicts internally and externally
  • Building and sustaining relationships at work and with your customers

Course Outline

Module 1: Communication Styles

  • Which style is most effective for your job
  • Practicing styles you are less comfortable with

Module 2:  Communication Process

  • Various components of a message
  • Understanding the communication process

Module 3:  Effective Message Delivery

  • Becoming an effective deliverer and receiver
  • Ensuring that your intent is the same as that which is received.

Module 4:  Communication Tools

  • learning how to communicate effectively using modern technology
  • The right etiquette to use in various situations
  • Written messages

Module 5:  Delivering Negative Messages

  • Types of negative messages
  • How to deliver negative or sensitive messages professionally
  • How to structure negative messages

Module 6:  Communication for Conflict Resolution

  • Accepting and appreciating healthy conflicts
  • Creating win-win solutions with clients and colleagues
  • Handling conflicts at work in a tactful and constructive manner
  • Dealing with Difficult People both at work and with your customers

Module 7:  Communication and Relationship Management

  • Forming strong bonds with clients and co-workers
  • Creating a healthy and conducive environment at work

Course Details

Course Duration: 1 day (10am-5pm)

Course Fee: $490 $179

Course Fee  (After $179 skills future credit): $0

Location: Paya Lebar / Macpherson / Email info@surged.co for Corporate training at your office

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Course Code: CRS-N-0044407

This workshop is open for any executive and/or employees who would like to develop strong communication skills and also building successful professional relationships at work.

You will need a laptop and know how to drag and drop, copy and paste.

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1 Day Breaking The Barriers To Communications In Cross Cultural Business Diversity Using Effective Tools and Techniques

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