Getting New Customers To Love Your Brand And Take Action Through Social Media

RESULTS: 658 Sign ups for an event, 300 show ups


RESULTS: 11,000+ people reached, 100+ new customers in 3 weeks

RESULTS: Rushed Campaign for Mother's Day, 30+ new customers in 5 days

Past Projects

Our expertise


  • Customer Acquisition
  • Audience has more money to spend
  • Increasing Likes
  • Getting awareness of new products


  • Younger Audience - Below 35
  • Customer acquisition
  • Increasing followers
  • Getting awareness of new products


  • Making your product or service look cool
  • Most customers reached
  • Customer acquisition


  • Extremely effective with younger audience
  • Get customers to love your brand
  • Celebrity power for your brand

Public Relations

  • Get featured on the news
  • Effective for older audience
  • Celebrity power for your brand
  • B2B White papers and research reports


  • Ultra effective engagement tool
  • Email killer
  • Most effective way to reach capture leads

Our Results Can Be Your Results

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lives touched
$ 1
per engagement
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Customer Clicks

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