Fastest Way to Bad FB Ads Results; Disobeying the 20% Text Rule.

Since we are going to spend money on this ad, let us put as much information/benefits on the ad! If you came over to Facebook advertising from GDN (Google display network), there is a high chance that you will commit this mistake!

Facebook DO NOT allow image ads to contain text that take up 20% of the ad space. In fact, if your brand logo contains text, Facebook will add them into the tabulation of the 20% rule!

What Happens if I Break the Rule?

Facebook prepared a short rating card for different level of image text in your ad.

Ads that break the 20% image text rule will have their reach lowered. This is done by charging you a higher CPM (cost per mille). This means that it will be more expensive to reach 1,000 views on your ads! With a higher cost to reach your audiences, your results naturally become more expensive.

How Can I Avoid Breaking the Rule?

Cut your image into a 5×5 grid and ensure that the texts fall within 5 boxes (20%). You can

  • Use smaller font size
  • Use fewer words
  • Move the texts into the copy of the ad
5x5 grid for fb text

You can then visit a tool prepare by Facebook themselves to check your image before submitting your campaigns.

P.S. Yes, the picture used above with an angry child passed the 20% text rule as well! Don’t believe us? Download the image and upload it in the Text Overlay Tool linked above!

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