Government Grants Available in Singapore

Capability Development Grant (CDG) for:

1. Branding and Marketing

We aspire to bring traditional businesses to the forefront of technological advancements through digital awareness and customer attention.

We help attract, retain and improve your web presence and experience.

We are experienced with crafting both Digital, PR and Traditional strategies for:

  1. Increasing sales
  2. Customer repeat sales
  3. Brand awareness and recall
  4. Brand revamp
  5. Visual brand alignment

2. Business Model Transformation

We aim to equip your company with the newest and highest impact technologies to spearhead your business profitability, cost minimisation and growth.

We encourage our clients to make use of innovation, creativity and teamwork through adopting and adapting tested and proven business models to find their footing. We also advocate clients to partake in new technological strategies like inventory management,
e-commerce, digital sales teams, video Marketing, webinars, automation to help them stay competitive.

ESG can support up to 70% of qualifying project cost such as consultancy, training, certification and equipment expenses.

Up to 70% of qualifying expenses are supported under the CDG grant from Enterprise Singapore

How Does CDG Work?

  1. Sign up for an exploratory consultation by signing up here or contact us with the form below.
  2. During the consultation, chat with us about the grant and how it can deliver the best results for your company. Feel free to ask us any questions!
  3. Not satisfied with the scheme? Chat with us and highlight your concerns.
  4. We provide step by step assistance to apply for the grant.
  5. ESG approves the project.
  6. The project begins.
  7. Grant reimbursement: A claims report detailing the project deliverables should be submitted to verify the completion of the project deliverables.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Registered and operating in Singapore.
  2. Group annual sales of less than $100 Million or less than 200 employees.
  3. Minimum 30% local shareholding.

Why Work With Us?

  • We focus on acquisition of new customers into SMEs.
  • We are a team of experienced and consultants are under the Singapore Certified Management Consultants (SCMC) certification
  • We use the latest Data Analytics Research techniques to help you stay ahead of the competition all the time.
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Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) Grant for:

Thinking of going international? Opt for the MRA Grant – where up to 70% of eligible expenses can be supported under the grant.

Areas Covered:

Need help with MRA? Contact us here or with the form below

1. Marketing and PR Activities

  • Tradeshows
  • In-store promotions
  • Pop-up stores

2. Business Matching

Third-party costs incurred to identify potential business partners and/ or customers (B2B) including the following:

  • Agents and distributors
  • Licensees/ franchisees
  • Joint venture partners
What financial support can you get?
  • 70% of eligible costs
  • Maximum of two applications per fiscal year, starting 1 April and ending 31st March the following year
  • Limited to one activity per application
Who can apply for MRA?
SMEs that fulfill the following criteria are eligible for this grant:
  • Global HQ anchored in Singapore
  • Company annual turnover of less than $100 Million per annum based on the most recent audited report
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