Mobile First Videos Gives Higher ROI From Your Ads

Facebook conducted a study to find out how video ads are performing on their platforms. They worked with MetrixLab, studying 759 video ads, from 300+ brands, across nine verticals, in 25 different countries.

The result? Mobile first ads have the highest % viewed and are the most memorable.

Traditional narratives are more commonly known as TV commercials as they are longer and less likely to display their brand in the first few seconds. The study proved that traditional methods does not work in modern mobile experiences, resulting in lower brand recall. You simply cannot copy paste the same video from other channels into social medias!

“When a brand is less identifiable, it may impact the whole funnel; this cluster of ads (traditional narratives) also had the lowest scores on message recall and purchase intent, compared to the other two clusters.”

Stronger Brand Presence = Higher Brand Recall

Apart from just revealing your brand earlier to provide stronger brand presence, the study also found out that the type of branding plays a role as well.

“To understand more about the importance of brand presence, we analyzed the different types, from a weak presence (like a watermark) to a strong presence (where the brand is the main focal point). We saw significantly higher results on aided recall for those ads with a strong brand presence.”

As more consumption of media are happening on mobile, it is important to ensure that your videos are mobile first to get the highest ROI.

In short, ensure that your next video:

  1. Provide brand presence within first 3 seconds
  2. Have a strong focus presence when showing your brand rather than just a watermark.
  3. Focus on shorter video fit for mobile consumption (avg of 20 sec)
  4. Designed for sound off (include subtitles)


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