Customer Service Excellence – Delivering The WOW Experience


Course Objectives

The objective of the training workshop is to enable participants to:


  1. Understand the importance of service standards and their impact on customer service
  2. Embrace service culture and its importance in communicating with your customers with the right attitude
  3. To prepare your customer service group to handle demanding customers in difficult and stressful situations
  4. Align behaviors in your organization’s aspect of customer service representation
  5. To be self-aware and to measure service levels and make it memorable


Training Methodology

The training involves the following:

  1. Think, Pair and Share with Group Discussions for Experiential Learning
  2. Role Plays by the Participants to bring out the learning lessons
  3. Demonstration on Good Customer Service practices by the Trainer which includes sharing on corporate and personal experiences with the customer
  4. Video Demonstration to bring out the learning lessons
  5. Project Work (live presentation) done by the participants just before the end of the training session
  6. Individual presentation before the end of the course by the student to test the understanding and effectiveness of the training session
  7. Reflections facilitated by the Trainer. Open questions for discussion on how to Up our Service to the Next Level
  8. Feedback and Recommendations for both the participants and the Trainer on the next step forward for the participants and the organizations they represent
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Course fees:     $179 (SkillsFuture Credit can be used)

Duration:  10 am – 5:30 pm (1  Days)

Course Code: CRS-N-0044417

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