Profitable E-Commerce business leveraging though Qoo10 platform

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Course Overview

Qoo10 is one of the easiest ways to start selling products online. You will learn how to set up and run a Qoo10 store like a pro.  To master qoo10, 2 days of hands on training is required. In this course, the best way to find suppliers and the highest margin products will be revealed so that you can sell them on your store.

Being able to sell online will free you from rental costs and also the costs of generating your own customers. There are thousands of customers right at this moment looking for products online. The question is, how do you make your store the one they buy from.

This course will show you exactly how to build a successful business from scratch right now. Learn how to systematically build her business step by step.

Skills you learn

Course Outline

Day 1

Module 1: Introduction to Qoo10

  • Why sell on Qoo10
  • Competition Analysis
  • Qoo10 customers insight
  • Create an account

Module 2: Practical Hands-on Session

  • How to use a market research software to find out what are the top selling products from other shopping sites.
  • Discover where to source for cheap and good quality products online
  • How to expose your products to a database thousands of existing customers in Singapore by leveraging on Qoo10 traffic.
  • How to overcome competition from established sellers on Qoo10 and attract customers to buy your products even if your store is brand new
  • Grasp how to list your products category and selling format, to drive up your sales
  • Create good content through the use of images & videos
  • Learn to use Search Tag Management to increase your product exposure
  • Frontend
  • Backend

Module 3: Know the key factors of a successful seller and Start selling your product

  • Create a product page
  • How to attract people to your page
  • The winning keyword title research
  • Attractive copy for your product page
  • Creating a policy for your shop
  • Hyperlink
  • Optional tab and inventory management
  • Edit and modify make correction
  • Excel shortcut to make listing easier
  • Ways to decrease expense and increase profit
  • How to create your first item listing
  • Go through each of the detail in the item listing page & know how they work
  • Get inside information about designing your standard image & why is it important
  • What is combination (matrix) & single options & how to use them in your listings
  • How to manage your seller shop
  • Set up your seller shop title, information, logos & address
  • Set up an amazing seller shop front by uploading banners, images & HTML codes
  • Set up focus items that bring specific items to the top of your shop page

Module 4: Shipping Setup

  • Introduction to general shipping service
  • How to ship your products?
  • Delivery & status updates
  • Return and refund

Module 5: How to manage your first order

  • Understand what does each tab in shipping page means
  • Know how to process your order from the minute it come into system to the minute you ship out
  • Know tips about managing your shipping

Module 6: How to check sales, settlement & make withdrawal

  • How to check your sales numbers & details
  • How to calculate your settlement amount (with illustrations)
  • How to check when you will get your earnings transferred to your account
  • How to make withdrawal from your Q-account to your bank account
  • Settlement function
  • Check account breakdown

Module 7: Customer service

  • Understand how to handle delivery and returns for effective customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Understand Qoo10 customer service policy
  • Manage your review

Day 2

Learn to use the Qoo10 Sales Manager – QSM (platform) effectively
Driving Sales Performance on Qoo10 (Marketing)
Get an overview of multi-channel promotions available to maximise your sales

Module 8: How to create your subsequent item listings with ease & change listing details

  • How to copy existing listing to create new listings
  • How to change listing information
  • How to change status, header, footer & other information in bulk
  • Bonus content: How to add ‘Add to Cart’ icon when mouse rollover images in item description section & how it can help customers shop easier

Module 9: How to create & manage shipping options

  • What are Charged, Free & Free on condition shipping options
  • How to create shipping options that cater to customers who purchase more items from your shop
  • What is Co-Shipping Rule
  • How to change shipping options of existing item listings in bulk

Module 10: How to bulk-manage your orders (for deliverable products) more efficiently

  • How to bulk confirm orders & bulk update shipping statuses
  • How to print address labels

Module 11: Affordable promotion for New sellers: Plus Display Promotions

  • What is Deal plus, Category plus, Groupbuy plus, QSpecial plus, Keyword plus, QSpecial Keyword Plus, Shop Plus & Window Banner Plus
  • Where are these Plus Display Promotions displayed in Qoo10
  • How to bid for Plus Display Promotions
  • How to choose the right Plus Display Promotions for your item
  • How to adjust pricing & inventory levels of existing item listings & setting up sales groups
  • How to edit pricing & inventory level
  • How to extend the expire date of your listing
  • How to put your listings out-of-stock without deleting the listing

Module 12: Customer Service: Customer Inquiry

  • How to answer customer inquiries in my item listing pages
  • What is inquiry-chat & how to set up

Course Details

Course Duration: 2 days (10am-5.45pm)

Course Fee: $998 $498

Course Fee  (After $498 skills future credit): $0

Course Code:

Location: Paya Lebar / Macpherson / Email for Corporate training at your office

  • Business Owners
  • Online Entrepreneurs
  • Housewives who want to earn extra income


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The best course I have attended so far. I learnt a few qoo10 courses and they all teach very basic. This course was very practical, I learnt how to be a successful seller on qoo10 through this course. Very thankful for the trainer.
June, New Business Owner

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26-27th May (Full House)
9-10th June (Full House)

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The course will be a step by step course, we will guide you from scratch.

Yes, there will be hands-on application in the course. Please bring your laptops.

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