Why Picking the Right Facebook Campaign Objective Will Give Better ROI

If you want salmon, then you gotta stop fishing in the long kang. Advertising on Facebook is the same! You really shouldn’t be throwing your money at the wrong objective praying for good results! Here is why picking the right campaign objective is important to give better ROI.

The very first step in creating your Facebook Ads is choosing your marketing objective at the campaign level. 11 different choices will be thrown straight at your face (not literally) before you can even work on your targeting or creatives.

Why is picking the right objective so important?

The campaign objective determines the optimization for ad delivery. In short, it is telling Facebook what you want to be done, and they will go out there and find the person that will most likely perform that action. For eg, if you want traffic objective, Facebook will find someone most likely to click on your post.

Facebook knows about our surfing behaviors better than ourselves. They know if you are someone that is more likely to react or comment, click on a link of any posts and even if you’ll purchase anything you see on Facebook. Facebook then “group” everyone that have these same behaviors together.

obj venn diagram

The above is an example (not drawn to scale) of the groups based off the behaviour of users with conversion objective taking up the least number (since not many will convert from a Facebook ad) to page post engagement (PPE) objective taking the main bulk (since reacting or commenting are common among everyone).

This also explains why the conversion objective will often be more expensive as Facebook is targeting a smaller but focused group of people that will actually take action! We have seen CPM for conversion objective reach as high as S$60 while PPE and traffic objectives hover around S$15.

Still not convinced that objectives are important? Adespresso also did a $1,000 experiment to test the various objective. And they concluded with the statement below,

“From the results summary, we can see that each optimization is working well. This is good news for advertisers as it means the Facebook algorithm is consistently achieving the objectives we set it.”


Once you know where to fish, you can then start getting the fresh salmon you have always wanted. Want more people to read your blog? Pick the traffic objective. Want to harvest social proof? Pick the engagement objective. Want paying customers? Pick the conversion objective.

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