Why the Facebook Boost Post Button is USELESS

Wait, but everyone is telling me that I have to spend some money on my post to reach out to people! Our reply? YES, that is true, only if you spend it at the CORRECT place!

If you are like many other business owners that only have the time to hang around your Facebook page settings, you’re in for a surprise. There is another whole new interface called the Facebook Ads Manager. That ROI of 2600%? $10,000 sales in one weekend?? This is where all the magic happens.

You can access it from the picture below.

An analogy, if using Facebook Ads Manager is like competing in World Cup, then using the “Boost Post” button is like playing in your schools interclass soccer match.

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Optimized for Engagement Objective

By default, a boosted post is optimized for engagement objective. This means that Facebook aims to give that post the highest number of likes, reactions, comments, shares and video views (if it’s a video). And if they do not click, message or purchase your product, then these are just vanity metrics. What you want is telling Facebook that you want purchases or clicks or messages to your page, and Facebook will optimize towards those objectives instead.

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Limited Targeting Option

Boosted posts also provides limited targeting options.

  1. People who liked your page
  2. Friends of people who liked your page
  3. People whom you choose through targeting

People who liked your page may not necessary be your ideal customer. The same goes for friends of your fans (think about how each of your friends have differing interests). What we want is spending every dollar to show our ads to potential customers of a specific portfolio.

The last option is where a glimmer of hope can be seen where you get to choose a certain interest you want to focus on. But you are still missing out on behavioural targeting and the use of “and” logic to further narrow down your audiences which is where the gold mine of Facebook advertising lies. You can laser focus down the targeting to people who have an interest in “Renovation” AND “Engagement” (BTO as proposal anyone?).

reno+engage targeting

*how many people you can reach with “Renovation” AND “Engagement” targeting

Diving into Facebook Ads Manager

Prepare yourself for a long ride down. It definitely feels scarier with so many buttons there as compared to just one “Boost Post”, but it is more terrifying when you are spending money that does not give you results you want!

Or maybe the Ads Manager is not for you. Luckily, you do not have to be the one to use it! At Surged Digital, we are masters of the Ads Manager! Contact us with the form below and we will get you the result you truly want.

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