You Can Now Spy on Your Competitors’ Facebook Paid Ads

Yes, you heard that right. You are now able to see what ads your competitors are running on Facebook, for FREE!

This is a step taken by Facebook to provide more transparency to ads as well as making advertisers more accountable, preventing abuse.

How to View Running Ads on Any Facebook Page

If on desktop (left), go to your competitors’ Facebook page, scroll down to “Info and ads” menu on the left. If on mobile (right), the same button can be found at the top just below the cover photo.

From there, you will be able to see if they are running any ads and if yes, what type of ads (video, image, carousel etc) and the copywriting as well as the creative piece. You can report the ads straight from here (please don’t report our ads 🙏) if you think they infringe Facebook’s policy. On the downside, you will not be able to see the engagement metrics for those ads.

Our Take on the “Info and ads” Feature

We are actually really excited about this feature as it will make the Facebook platform a better place! Everyone can now check what their competitors are doing and work to outdo each other by providing better value! Definitely a win-win for consumers.

Of course, this also means that others will be able to “copy” your ads. But fret not, they will not be able to see your targeting options which more often than not, accounts for more than 50% of your campaign’s success! Need help to come up with a winning copy with precise targeting? Contact us with the form below and we will make your competitors visit your “Info and ads” page every day!

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